I am a quantitative transportation geographer and spatial analyst. My research program investigates how land use and transportation systems affect social and economic outcomes of urban areas. At the core of my research philosophy is the belief that travel behavior is a means through which land use and transportation systems are linked to social, economic and environmental conditions. My work is aimed at better understanding this link in an effort to improve the sustainability of transportation and land use planning. This is achieved through the development of novel geo-computational and spatial econometric techniques and their judicious application to a number of research areas including: activity behavior, accessibility, and social sustainability. My interdisciplinary approach draws from and contributes to the theories of activity and travel behavior modelling, urban-, transportation-, and time-geography, spatial analysis, and geographic information science (GIS).

You can check out my Google Scholar Profile for some stats, and here is a link to my complete CV.

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University of Toronto Scarborough
1265 Military Trail
Toronto, ON M1C 1A4
(416) 208-5120