My teaching experience consists of courses on GIS, spatial analysis, and transportation geography and planning. I have also created dozens of hours of online lectures for a course on Geographical Analysis I taught in Utah. The lectures can be found here on YouTube. Below is a record of the courses I’ve taught.

Courses Taught at University of Toronto
JPG1554       Transportation and Urban Form
CITC18          Urban Transportation Policy Analysis
GGRC32       Essential Spatial Analysis

Courses Taught at University of Utah
GEOG 3020                   Geographical Analysis
GEOG 5020/6020          Advanced Spatial Analysis
GEOG 5140/6140          Methods in GIS
GEOG 6960                   Data Analysis Workshop
GEOG 6960                   Transportation, Land use and Accessibility

Courses Taught at Ryerson University
SA 8912         Spatial Technologies in Strategic Planning
GEO 361        Inferential Statistics in Geography
GEO 505        Regional Analysis of Canada

Courses Taught at McMaster University
GEO 2HB3     Urban Economic Geography